Mulino Organico's newest product rollout is a collection of crackers, available in three all natural flavors.



Mulino Organico is a high-end company based in Sicily. I created the package design for three flavors of their organic crackers. The identity I created focuses on the all natural ingredients and agricultural side of Sicily through hand-written typography and pen and ink illustrations. 


  • Create an identity that communicates the natural and organic qualities of the product
  • Create a strong shelf presence for the whole collection
  • Market to a high-end audience

Form and Function


The illustration on the inner box represents the rooted quality of the crops. The box itself acts as a bowl to eat from, while the outer box seals the crackers to keep them fresh. The outer box's color is specific to each flavor. I chose the colors based on the herbs and spices used to create the flavors.




Conference Branding