The exhibition for the May 4th tragedy draws parallels between the social unrest of students now and then.



While the full-scale gallery space for the May 4th Exhibition at Kent State University was being renovated, a temporary gallery was put up in the Honors Dorm on campus. Working with the IdeaBase design team, I created seven banners that could be used as a system or as stand alone pieces. Four of the banners recognized the four students who were killed and the other three painted a picture of the social unrest at the time of the May 4th tragedy.



Kent State University May 4th Visitors Center



  • Create a system of banners
  • Maintain the May 4th Brand
  • Draw connections between social unrest then and now
  • Give the four victims a voice



may banner 1.jpg

The Four Students


The four students that were killed during the May 4th shootings are remembered more as victims than actual people. The tribute banners aim give the students a voice. Although the students did not all know each other, they stood united in how they felt about war, violence and injustice.

Carefully selecting poems and quotes from the students, I aimed to give the viewer a deeper understanding of who the students were and how they reacted to the social and political unrest of the time. By allowing the viewer to step into the students' shoes, they could reflect on the question, "what is worth standing for?".  

may banner 2.jpg


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