Cursive Camp is an app that teaches children the fundamentals of cursive by testing their memory, recall and letter recognition through games and practice.



Because cursive handwriting is no longer a required part of the Common Core State Standards in most elementary schools, I created a cursive learning app. For a child’s quickly developing mind, cursive handwriting aids in expanding reading and writing comprehension while also improving cognitive thinking, focus and creativity.Through my research on the effects of learning to write in cursive, I created a two part app that aims to improve children's fine motor skills, memory and idea generation. 

This project won first place in the education and communication category of the 2017 Kent State University Undergraduate Research Symposium.


  • Teach users to read, write and understand cursive
  • Improve users’ motor skills, memory and recall, creativity and comprehension
  • Create an app that can substitute for schools that don't provide cursive classes
  • Design an intuituve interface for ages 7-10 

Designing for the User


The user group (age 7-10) is at a beginner level of cursive writing. They are motivated by rewards and thrive on games and challenges. These users are hands-on learners and therefore need clear and brief instructions. They respond to interaction and motion.

Approach: I used bright colors, bold typography and playful illustrations. I made sure to keep written instructions to a minimum and use sound and demos to help the user learn and understand. I created the camp characters to provide instruction, motivation and positive reinforcement throughout the game.



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Learning Through Two Methods


The user can practice letter forms and words at their own pace, learning the association between print and cursive letters. They are able to toggle between letters and words as well as uppercase and lowercase. Their camp character provides helpful feedback and guidance when necessary.


The user follows a map of different games and challenges that become increasingly more difficult. The user executes what they learned in Practice mode to unlock levels. Their character provides instructions and motivation.



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Program Branding