Conference Branding

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Connections Typography Conference is a collaboration of American and Japanese design and typography.



Connections Typography Conference is a conference for designers, typographers and creatives that I named, branded, and designed several pieces for. I chose the name "connections" because of the connecting strokes within Japanese letter forms, but also because of the back and forth influence of Japanese and American design and typography. San Francisco struck me as a perfect location for the conference because it is a melting pot of Japanese and American culture. 


  • Create connections between Japanese and American typography and design
  • Create a complex yet organized typographic system
  • Build a unified and professional brand across multiple platforms



Japanese Influence


The typeface I chose for the English copy (Niveau Grotesk) has an over-stroke on certain letters, similar to the Japanese typeface I used. The typefaces paired well together because of their similar letter width, stroke weights and sans-serif letter forms. I was influenced by Japanese design's use of vertical layouts and applied it to both the Japanese and English copy throughout the brand pieces.



Cursive Camp

UX & UI Design