Hello! I'm Lesley...

a designer and illustrator with a passion for research, branding and iconography systems.


A bit more about me:


I graduated from Kent State University this past spring with a BFA in Visual Communication Design and a minor in Marketing.

Over the course of my time at Kent State, I focused heavily on design research, strategy and user experience. Through my internships I gained experience in branding, advertising, exhibition design, website building, and app development.

I spent a good portion of my time in marketing and advertising, specifically for dining events, restaurants and athletic teams. Here, I did everything from retail design to social media marketing. I've also been part of small app and web development teams where I took the role of lead user-experience and interface designer.

Through it all, my favorite work was the research it took to create brands, iconography systems, and interface designs. I am now seeking a full-time position that allows me to practice all of the above. Check out my full resume here.


Interested in working together? Reach out to me through the links below: